We’ve explored customer experience in our previous posts, but this years uncertainties around the the ‘golden quarter’ presents a huge opportunity for businesses in retail and hospitality.

Businesses that reviewed their 2021 4th quarter trade and have learned from what worked well and in a position to prioritise customers and their experience will succeed in this important peak period. It is evident that there has been a departure away from traditional ‘Black Friday’ events and a move towards building up momentum on the Christmas run up. Retailers have already changed tactics and launched early Black Friday events with John Lewis bringing forward their event to help customers spread the cost of Christmas and hired additional staff to support the anticipated spike in sales.

Businesses using omnichannel strategies to reach out and appeal to more customers and capitalise on the opportunities will be the winners this year. How do they achieve this?

The power of click and collect should not be ignored by retailers at this critical time in the retail calendar and this year more than ever, interacting with customers directly through email marketing, offering in store guidance and expertise, creating Christmas gift ‘wish lists’ and other targeted marketing strategies will lead to additional products being sold. Staff product knowledge and the ability to offer alternative options and exciting products will elevate these brands and set them apart from the rest.

It’s still too early to say which of the retailer Black Friday tactics will work, but creating the right experience through the curation of the brand both online and in store, with targeted marketing of products and delivering exceptional customer service with available and attentive staff will set the right environment to increase sales in this critical golden quarter. Customers will not forget which businesses got it right and made them feel special and they will continue supporting these brands beyond Christmas.

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Our next blog will explore the curation of Christmas Markets, supporting high streets.

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