We’re currently in the midst of one of the most challenging times for retail, with consumers spending less and retailers juggling excess stock and rising costs, while maintaining interest and excitement around their businesses.

Retailers embracing these challenges and seeing this as an opportunity are beginning to diversify their offer and fine tune their brand strategies to relate to their customers and build confidence and interest.

Businesses in retail and hospitality that we’re working with are building from grassroots by seeking local brands and collaborators, supporting the local community and becoming more sustainable. This approach is creating a unique selling point for the business’s and showcasing up and coming brands.

There is a bright future for independent businesses that are able to be agile, evolve their offer and really grow local connections. As a ‘local’ business owner – being able to relate to the locality, partnering with local brands to create unique, meaningful experiences for customers will assist business growth and the local economy.

Customers will always respond to businesses that have a clear brand identity, building connections and conversations that are personalised and relatable. Taking steps to create a local led strategy will ensure your business stands out for all the right reasons building brand loyalty and real connections to your brand.

In our next blog we will be exploring the rise in independent businesses who are embracing their local area and doing great things to connect with communities. We specialise in retail and local marketing and beginning to see some great successes. We would love to hear your thoughts on this blog.

Keep up to date with our retail blog and current exciting projects we’re working on: http://www.retailinspired.org

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